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hcg Featured Player Best DK Main in the United States, Top 10! Maverick YOU GOOD? The directions to Maverick were unclear. He was sure this was a 2D side scroller game. Video By: Scorch.HCG

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Change on the Horizon for Siege:

New patches can be frustrating in any game. Rainbow Six: Siege is no stranger to this. Huge meta changes have happened many times in...

No “More” Russian

As we all know, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a constantly evolving first-person shooter. Rainbow Six: Siege offers new content about every three...
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Team Mazi

Team Mazi for HydraCore Gaming will be participating in the Netra Cup...
COVID-19 Message From HCG:
COVID-19 Message From HCG: Firstly, HydraCore Gaming Staff would like to extend our well wishes and condolences to all people affected by COVID-19. We understand the tremendous impacts...
Siege: Y5S1
As HydraCore Gaming advances with the creators of Rainbow into its 5th year, we embrace two new operators and other notable changes. On Attack we get “Iana”, who...

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