About Us


About Us

HydraCore Gaming’s Core Values

Here at HydraCore Gaming, we believe in the 5P’s

Professionalism – To maintain the drive, initiative, and pursuance of absolute excellence, while never placing in question our moral stance.

Pride – We are strong in our numbers. We are a pride, a collective unit of diverse identities, cultures, beliefs, and experiences. Our diversity brings us together and never divides us.

Perseverance – Eyes ever fixed on the horizon, focused on our growth and embracing the changes that will define who we are and who we will become.

Passion – No matter the storms we face, we are united in each stroke of our paddles, carving our path into eSports with our Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Purple – Some see red, some see blue. We are both. We are the combination of both sides to make one solid color of gamers. We are HydraCore. And purple is our blood line. Purple is our heritage. Apply today, and join our beautifully colored revolution in eSports.


HydraCore Gaming’s Mission Statement

As a representative of online gaming organizations worldwide, we at HydraCore Gaming strive to break the stigma that plagues our community. Our “FamilyCore” mentality creates a unique community outreach, fostering an open environment for online competitors and their fans. HydraCore honors loyalty, commitment and professionalism from our team members, staff and fans uniformly.

HydraCore Gaming’s Vision Statement

We are HydraCore Gaming, constantly pushing eSports forward, through the ultimate passion to succeed [Meraki Nikao]. We are the beacon of hope. We are the buoy from which those seek safety from the sea of intolerance sweeping across online gaming. We are the light in the darkness, providing equality and solace for those who seek an escape from the storm of stress our world slams on our shores. No matter our growth moving forward, our core values will remain rock-solid.

Corporate Officers

  • Chief Executive Officer: Jamie "ZeeKiwi" Zudonyi
  • Chief Operating Officer: Cory "StrixBit" Scott
  • Chief Personnel Officer: James "Scorch" Kloos

Middle Management

  • Community Manager: Katherine "AwkwrdTurtle" Ramirez
  • Director of Human Resources: 9 Octopus Brains

Human Resources

  • Scouting Manager: Blake "Hobok3k1ns" Goss
  • HR Staff Member: Kevin "Turbo" Berry

Community Staff

  • Community Staff Member / Chief Assistant: Nick "BasicallyImAGrizzlyBear" Bryson
  • Probationary Staff Member: Tessa "GingerBread" Rendler