Ark Survival Evolved: Launch of the HydraSaurs

Do you love online PVP for the famed Ark: Survival Evolved video game on PC? Do you enjoy an interactive server, with responsive admins, weekly events/giveaways, and a continuously monitored and healthy server to ensure seamless end-user gaming? If you answered yes to any of these questions, stop reading and copy the link below and paste it into your Steam Server Favorites list on your steam application. If you don’t know how to do this, feel free to see the guide on how to do so below this body of text. If you haven’t been convinced yet, feel free to keep reading!

Every week, on Thursdays, we do a 1,000 XP giveaway to all online players, with certain events and holiday increasing the amount distributed to our players. Frequently active members within the server may also experience increased XP ratios in the future, so get ahead of this before the decision is made on it!

Once a month, a special event will take place that will result in the winner receiving a LARGE amount of XP and various rare materials, BPs, or weapons/ammunition. These will be very competitive events, so be prepared to bring your A-Game!

The server is a vanilla server, meaning no increased amounts of gathering, taming speeds, etc. will be awarded due to a potential in an unbalanced advantage other members will have over newcomers.

Offline raiding is soon going to be activated, meaning regular visitation to the server is highly recommended!

Additional maps will enter circulation following additional players entering the server. We have hit a regular entry of visitors between 5-10 players a day, of the 30 player capacity, in the first week of launch! This means we are highly anticipating the population to fill quickly, so get ahead and establish your bases and tribes before this happens. As the population continues to increase, HydraCore Gaming plans to offer premium packages for privileged entry, potential locational incentives and reserved slots for the server for a base monthly price. The more members we have, the more servers we will open!

We are excited to see you all! Good luck to everyone!

Server IP:

How to join Ark Server by IP:

1) Go to steam.
2) Select the view dropdown menu at the top.
3) Select servers.
4) Go to favorites tab in servers menu.
5) Click Add server.
6) Input server IP and click find games at this location.
7) Right click game/s that were found and add to favorites.

Meraki Nikao,

HCG Staff

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