Back to Our Roots: Official Launch of HCL-R6 S1

Well, in a brief summary, our plans for this league and our different game launches were quite literally turned upside down. The launch of our Rocket League portion fell flat, and for reasons quite honestly unknown. Our marketing strategy went off without a hitch; our outreach was far and wide, so theoretically we should have had participants pouring in. Although, that was not the case.  All that said, what was the lesson learned (and quite an expensive one might we add) here?… Stick to your roots.

This organization was founded in 2017, with hardly a thought of taking the competitive aspect of eSports seriously, much less branching off to 6 different games, acquiring whole teams, and now starting up a well-designed eSports league positioned to dominate part of the platform. HydraCore Gaming was established on the back of Rainbow Six: Siege and that is where a majority of our reputation is nested, so why didn’t we just start the launch there? To make an example of how multiverse this organization is? To show we are ready to leap into other games in multi-faceted competitive stages? There really is no answer, but all that matters is that HydraCorp’s HydraCore League is OFFICIALLY announcing the launch of its R6S branch!

Now, starting on the 7th of August 2020, HCL will host quarterly seasons, with one month of qualifiers, and starting off with a $200 prize pool. Check out the full details of the league below!:

Entry Fees: FREE

Prize Pool: $200 USD

Sign-Up Location: Enter the Discord and receive a registration link. Please be advised that all members of your team must be in the Discord to receive tags to compete. Further instructions will be provided by the HR department within the HCL community Discord.

Permanent Discord Link (Feel Free to Share With Whoever you Want):

Ruleset Location: Enter the discord. Ruleset link will be provided upon entering.

Qualifier Day 1: Both the Qualifier day one and closing of the registration are on the 7th of August. HCL recommends that all players close out registration by the 6th of August for shifts left and right. Be advised that sign-ups are FCFS, so the sooner your team is entered, the better.

Season Length: 1 month of qualifiers, 3 months of league playoffs/finals.

Casting/Commentary: Casting and Commentary will be conducted by two HCG legacy R6S players, Scott “Draven” Poole and Jamie “ZeeKiwi” Zudonyi. Both casters will utilize a suite of professional-grade studio equipment, overlays, and techniques to capture competitive gameplay at its peak. Please be aware that all VODS from streams will be uploaded for team and public use on our YouTube channel. All highlight reels and clips will be posted between Twitter and Instagram. Follow to stay up to date!!







We look forward to seeing you all in attendance! If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask our HR staff in the Discord!

Meraki Nikao,

HCG Staff

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