Change on the Horizon for Siege:

New patches can be frustrating in any game. Rainbow Six: Siege is no stranger to this. Huge meta changes have happened many times in the past within Siege. This most recent patch gives us reason to believe that another huge meta change is soon to take place.

While there are other minor changes with the most recent patch, there are four major ones that will have a direct effect on the Siege community. The first being Ying gaining a fourth candela. A fourth candela opens a new world for Ying to flourish in. Prior to the patch Ying’s pick rate was very limited; being picked less often then Kali. Now with Ying bringing something to the table, and proving herself as a viable operator, it is no question that Ying’s pick rate will benefit from this patch. As far as the meta goes, it is easy to infer that the Rainbow Six: Siege community will be seeing a few more flashes hurled their way.

The second major change involves the beloved operator Buck. While his notorious days for being one of the most versatile operators in the game are not exactly over, they will not quite be what they used to be. Losing frag grenades is a huge change to his effectiveness in the game. Before he was compared to Sledge but was mostly in a league of his own. Now that Buck has lost his frag grenades it is easier to say that his platform has been lowered and he is on a similar level to Sledge when it comes to versatility. Not being the all in one package as Buck once was it will be interesting to see how teams will adapt.

Rolling into the third substantial change from the patch is Mozzie losing the super shorty. Mozzie was a great pick for any team that needed drone denial, extra intel, and of course site destruction. Mozzie had access to two very strong primary weapons which eliminated the need for a secondary weapon, which made having the super shorty amazing for site setup. Obviously Mozzie is not the only operator in the game that has a shotgun. Replacing Mozzie’s utility doesn’t look like too tall of a task for most teams, however it brings in the question if Mozzie’s gadget is truly worth it without the utility benefit that he would also bring to the fight.

The last and possibly most controversial patch of the bunch is Jäger being moved to a two speed, two armor operator. Jäger has been one of the strongest operators on defense for a long time, and his pick rate shows this. Being picked almost every round Jäger has shown how powerful he truly is as a one armor, three speed operator. So naturally making the change to two speed, two armor, most veteran players will have negative thoughts. Most of the community is only considering what he has lost, that being his speed. However, we cannot forget that something was gained as well. The extra boost in armor might completely change the fundamentals of Jäger. Only time will tell how the adjustment truly effects his usability. Maybe having that extra armor allows for more winnable gunfights, or maybe losing the speed hurts his roaming capabilities altogether.

It is no doubt that these next few weeks will require lots of adjustment for Siege community. It is great to see Ubisoft actively making changes to Siege for the betterment of the game. Although not every patch turns out that way, maybe this one will. Meta changes can taste sour at first, but once everyone has adapted Siege will still be the great game we all love and enjoy.

Meraki Nikao,

Brennan Lloyd

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