COVID-19 Message From HCG:

COVID-19 Message From HCG:

Firstly, HydraCore Gaming Staff would like to extend our well wishes and condolences to all people affected by COVID-19. We understand the tremendous impacts that this virus potentially has on your health and your livelihoods. Several members within our community have been negatively affected by this epidemic, and we urge everyone reading this to approach this issue with safety and with a sense of prudence. The last thing we need is to lose anyone in our community, so please exercise caution while conducting your everyday lives.

COVID-19 has impacted everyone globally at some level, some in more extreme ways than others, and given that this pandemic has impacted us at a personal level, it far outweighs the many impacts that it has had on the gaming industry. E3 being cancelled, several LAN tournaments being rescheduled, and the impacts that social distancing and international travel bans have had on professional eSports competition on a global scale are unmatched in anything we have seen erupt internationally in decades.

We don’t want to promote mania, or stimulate panic, but we do believe that this issue will have a lasting impact on several facets of economic stability for decades to come. That being said, nothing is irrecoverable, and we can rebound from this tragedy and become stronger in effect of it. The gaming industry holds one token in this haze, which is that a large amount of the gaming industry revolves around physical distancing. As a matter of fact, Steam Engine has seen a tremendous breach in its records for the amount of simultaneous online users following mass quarantining of citizens. This is symbolic that we as gamers can continue doing that which we love, while still maintaining a significant level of safety and caution.

In light of this entire situation as it unfolds, the further successes of video games and gaming in general speak volumes about our ability as gamers to maintain our extrovert attitudes in a digital sense. If you are an introvert, however, COVID-19 wouldn’t affect you either way in a social aspect. With all this being said, crack open a cold one (beverage of choice, age permitting), fire up your preferred gaming platform and launch that game you’ve been meaning to play but haven’t had the time for. Try not to stress too much about what’s happening, just know that we as gamers maintain a resiliency, pride and strength that majority of people don’t. Stay safe, stay healthy, and always look out for each other.

Meraki Nikao,

HCG Staff

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