Facebook Gaming Launches New Mobile Streaming Application

Facebook has been in the developmental and testing phases of their gaming application, which launched this Monday globally within the Google Play Store. Prior to the global launch, Facebook exclusively launched a beta version of the application to Latin American and within certain countries in Asia to test the stability of the platform. So far, the results are somewhat promising, and have boasted positive results, yielding over 15-million downloads in the past year exclusively in the Latin and Asian continents.

Facebook Gaming has seen a huge surge in utilization in recent months, and a large portion of its success can be attributable to the shift of large streaming icons (such as Ninja) signing deals with Microsoft and moving away from the long-leading streaming platform, Twitch. It is too early to say how much of an impact this mobile application implementation will have on Twitch, and since YouTube Gaming is mediocre, we will ignore that train-wreck of a platform in this article.

Twitch has held the reins over the streaming industry for the better part of almost a decade, and introduced a pivotal shift in the presence of online gaming. Many loyalists to Twitch are defying the rumors stating that Facebook Gaming is taking over, and quite frankly HydraCore Gaming agrees. Twitch has a larger platform, is exclusively for streaming (particularly video games), is less prone to ban or remove access to privileged users for trumped-up infractions of a laundry list of ToS from Facebook, and Facebook has tried a little late in the game to compete against such an iconic brand to gamers.

Facebook Gaming, although impressive in its rise to fame in recent months, is hardly a threat to the stability of Twitch, and is not anticipated to usurp the proverbial gaming throne anytime in the foreseeable future. Instead, Facebook Gaming simply promotes a platform for streamers to expand their audience-reach by cross-streaming to both platforms (which by the way is a phenomenal promotional strategy).  HydraCore Gaming will definitely be utilizing both platforms, for the abovementioned reasons, so if you would like a preview on what those models look like stop by our streams linked below!

Meraki Nikao,

HCG Staff

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