If you still have questions that were not answered by the FAQ section, please send an email to support@hydracoregaming.com


Support Form

Our support form is before the FAQ for your convenience if you wish to fill it our prior to sending an email.


No, HydraCore Gaming is in Organization, where as HydraCore League is a Multi Game League for the serious competitor. Both  HydraCore Gaming (HCG) and HydraCore League (HCL) are apart of HydraCorp.

If you are Interested in trying out for any of the teams, fill out a tryout application. CLICK HERE

Currently, HydraCore Gaming is looking to host and help any person(s) looking to either have their team become part of an Org or start a team. Please contact support@hydracoregaming.com with the information pertaining to the game and team.

Under our Useful Links section you can locate HCG Applications or you can CLICK HERE.

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