Introduction to HydraCorp


If you still have questions that were not answered by the FAQ section, please send an email to support@hydracoregaming.com


Support Form

Our support form is before the FAQ for your convenience if you wish to fill it out prior to sending an email.

Please contact HR staff and they will take it to upper management if need be.

No, HydraCore Gaming is an Organization, whereas HydraCore League is a Multi-Game League for the serious competitor. Both HydraCore Gaming (HCG) and HydraCore League (HCL) are a part of HydraCorp.

Staff will have tags in our discord or try to greet new people as a staff member.

Yes, we are on multiple sources and all the links are on our webpage or pinned in the discord. We also give out roles in our discord that give certain privileges for following or subscribing to all of them.

To prove that you have subscribed/followed our pages please either send us a screenshot or your social media handle so that it can be verified.

Getting Involved

Start your journey as HydraCorp Staff by filling out our Staff Application at which time you will be contacted to conduct an interview.

Be in the community for one month without infractions and follow all our social media handles and have it verified. Then submit your application.

Yes, we have many active members and fans who are always down to play various games. We also have Org Nights which are typically held on Sundays. There will be an announcement made when we are going to have one.

Contact one of the Captains to schedule what time works best with your teams.

Yes, we love fan art and encourage it as much as possible. Please note though when creating fan art we do not permit the monetization of any Logos/terms trademarked by HydraCorp, HydraCore Gaming, and HydraCore League.

An example would be creating a stunning picture utilizing the HCL Logo and then attempting to sell it.

Going Pro

Start your journey as a player for HydraCore Gaming by filling out our Tryout Application at which time you will be contacted to conduct and interview.

Yes, we have a system to setup for games, have your team fill out the tryout application. Staff will contact the Captain if an entire team roster is filled.

Contact a staff member with “HR Member” for a tag. Please allow 72 hours to process.