Farewell Scirus: Dawn of New Beginnings

Scirus, also known as Shane Kagen, sadly announced this week that he is stepping down from competitive Siege, and is focusing on his true path….in Med School. Now I know some of you are thinking, “why not just main Doc in Siege”, or whatever tort comeback you can generate, but in all reality, this is a huge step for him, and its more his passion than it is to go pro with HCG.

Now for a little bit about Scirus, in the eyes of the org… Scirus joined HCG about a year ago, and put in some of the hardest work to increasing his skill level, focusing his role as support on our R6S team, and put in more hours than most in pro league to ensuring he and his team made it into the big leagues. Scirus is funny, an awkward funny, but a very enjoyable friend to play with and easily approachable by anyone in the HCG community. He was always a pleasure to listen to, mulling over various medical studies and helping our CEO with his homework from time to time, and being an overall good person.

It is with a truly heavy heart that HydraCorp and HydraCore Gaming is saying farewell to Scirus, but not as much as we are proud knowing that the medical community gained a truly, truly hard-working, passionate, diligent, and aspirational doctor-to-be. Scirus, sincerely from everyone at HCG and our community…you will be missed. Meraki Nikao, always aim high, and never miss brother.

Meraki Nikao,

Everyone at HydraCore

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