FPS Games: A Gateway to Violent Behavior?

Following the recent increases in public shootings over the past 4-5 years, public scrutiny from the highest levels of authority have fallen on the gaming market. With video games in the theoretical sights of the Justice department and several other government authorities, the future of video games teeters on the outcome of multiple proposed laws as it relates to controlled violence in video games. Some measures are already in effect, such as stringent restrictions on audience ratings in regards to age, who can purchase such games, and more.

As of late, some gaming companies have had to dial back on production due to these pending integrations, which for almost all gamers is a shame. Once a leash has been attached to the gaming industry, we can typically see a drastic reduction in quality. Video game companies aren’t the only figures within the industry to be impacted by this purview either, YouTube (as many people know) has become almost completely intolerable to any form of violence in videos, which results in demonetization of videos containing any form of profanity and violence. Many YouTubers and streamers have suffered greatly from these new rules, and has thus resulted in a significant decrease in quality output from the monster social media icon. This is becoming more apparent in other outlets as well, such as Twitter, Facebook and many other platforms.

All we can say at this point, is we hope something else becomes a target to pin violent behavior on, and that the government leaves our beloved games alone.

Meraki Nikao,

HCG Staff

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