Game Servers

HydraCore Modded PVE ARK Server

How to Connect: Add to your steam favorites

Map: The Volcano

PVP is off!

Rates: Tame 25x, Harvest 2x, XP 2.5x

Structure Damage: 0.1%

Day Time: 4x

Night time: 0.5x

Difficulty: 5.0 (Usually 4.0)

Foreworld Myth:

Super Structures:

Classic Flyers:


Editable Server UI:

Cute Hair:


Super Spyglass:

Kibble Table:

Advanced Rafts:


Death Recovery Mod:

Level up Counter:

Automatic Fireworks:


Fisters Fog Remover:

Donation Skins:


HydraCore Skyfactory 3 Minecraft Server

How to Connect: Download SkyFactory 3 through the Twitch App (Detailed write-up coming soon for boomers)


ModPack: SkyFactory 3

How to Get Gud: