Game Servers

HydraCore Modded PVE ARK Server

How to Connect: Add to your steam favorites

Map: Crystal Isles

PVP is off!

Rates: Tame 25x, Harvest 2x, XP 2.5x

Structure Damage: 0.1%

Day Time: 4x

Night time: 0.5x

Difficulty: 5.0 (Usually 4.0)

Clicking on the Mod will direct you to the steam workshop download, or you can click on “Server Mod Collection” Directly below to download them all in one shot.

HydraCore Gaming’s Minecraft RLCraft (Java Version)

How to Connect: Curseforge Modpack


ModPack: RLCraft

How to Get Gud: (Coming Soon)


Installation for Additional Plugins:


1. Download TwitchSpawns version 1.12.2:

1. Download LEDM 2.4:

1. Download Vertically Stacked Dimensions:

1. Download CD4017BE Library:

1. Download Lootbag Mod:

1. Download World Edit:

1. Download VeinMiner:

2. Click RLCraft in “My Modpack” on twitch

3. Click the cog in the top right and click open folder

4. Drag the twitchspawns Jar into the Mods folder

5. Restart the game and play!