HCG 2nd Semi-Annual R6S Tournament (Spring)

A message from our CEO:

Firstly, Happy Easter to you all and your families! Please stay safe, stay inside, and be with your loved ones.

Next, congratulations to our winners “Mouf Breathers eSprots”!! Your team demonstrated extreme capability in precision, accuracy, and concise strategy. Good work, and we will see you in the next one!

As we wrap up the winter months and head face first into Spring, HydraCore Gaming and company set it off with a resounding “BANG” following conclusion of the 2ND semi-annual tournament (Spring) and a myriad of different teams. The competition was ruthless, the plays made were astounding, and the camaraderie built was boundless. Almost every moment during the course of the tournament was captivating, keeping you on the edge of your seat the entire time gripping your phones or desks until your knuckles were white! I would first like to thank everyone who attended, especially those of you who returned from our first ever tournament over 6 months ago. You all have stuck with us as we have progressively grown, and we have no doubt that you will be there in five years when you travel to a LAN event in an arena owned by HCG.

I would next like to thank my amazing staff, especially my COO Scotty, for the tremendous work that you did in both organizing, maintaining and administrating the tournament with expert vigilance. This tournament’s success was almost completely derived from the valiant efforts issued from HCG staff, who continue to prove what it is to be a professional. Without your help, we would not be where we are today.

Next, how about those casters?? Blake, otherwise known as “Hoboj3k1ns”, and our guest caster Joe, did a great job during the first iteration of our streaming of the semi-finals, with an expert demonstration of map, strategy and game knowledge. In closing of our casting, Scott “Draven” and James “Scorch” did a tremendous job exhibiting humor, expertise, and professional demeanor during the course of their casting. The stream generated hundreds of unique viewers, all engaged and entertained, multiple times commending the quality of the casting, displaying the exact reason why HCG excels in our field.

Finally, HCG would like to quell the rumors about the league that we may or may not be starting…In summary we definitely are, the secret lies in when, and what. Those details will be released when the time is right, but for now what we will tell you is we plan on fielding multiple games, on multiple platforms, for MULTIPLE chances to win money throughout the year. More details will follow in the coming months, so make sure to join our Discord and follow our social media to get an earlier heads up when those slots start filling up for our open-qualifiers.

Thank you all again, Happy Easter, and stay safe!

Meraki Nikao,

Jamie “ZeeKiwi” Zudonyi
CEO and Founder
HydraCore Gaming (A HydraCorp Company)

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