HCG Spring Tournament

Date of Tournament: April 4th 2020

Teams MUST be signed up at https://battlefy.com/hydracore-gaming/hcg-spring-tournament/5e44a7d9b2c8ad109787ff43/info?infoTab=details and submitted on Discord @ https://discord.gg/eYyVqWh

It is also required to submit your team logo to Draven.#1423 in a private message on discord.

The prize pool will be $150. This is in perfect timing to get those new ops, legendary skins and tons more! There are NO entry fees whatsoever, there will be casting/commentary for the Semi-Final and Grand Final games. The tournament will be a BO1 until the Finals, which will be a BO3. Follow our Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/hydracoregaming and visit our website https://hydracoregaming.com/ for daily updates and news!

Only 16 Teams may participate so hurry and ensure your spot today!

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