HydraCore League Introduction

Games will be announced in #Announcements when being streamed/casted.

HydraCore League TV

You can watch the casted games here at HydraCore League TV

A few select games will be casted.

Competing in HydraCore League

Yes, each game has a cash prize
Yes,16 years of age or older with at least one individual from the team being 18 years of age to receive the prize(s) from winning/placing.
Yes, HydraCore League will only be accepting participants from North America at this current time.

You will be allowed to tag in substitutes, if subs aren’t available then you are required to either play handicapped or forfeit your current match.

Contact your game admin so they can help resolve the situation.
In the respective discord game text channels.
You will be required to submit your MOSS files via google Form at this link:
Contact the admin of your selected game.
Open a Protest by contacting your respective game admin.
In their respective text channels and in specific locations on the website.
One of the higher staff if one is available is one of the chief directors.
Yes, we adopt any rules that the pro league goes by as well as our own rules.
Venmo, Cash app, or Paypal. The team decides whether the captain receives it to distribute or each player gets their even share directly from us.
We have a support ticket in our discord channel #hcg-links if you have one.
Go to the top of the discord and submit a ticket with the bot.
Contact the admin for your specific game.