HydraCore Gaming’s Rules & Regulations

“Note: some rules and regulations will be seen and stated a multitude of times.”
“Certain rules may have expectations on a case by case basis as deemed applicable”

Detailed Overview of Rules
Section 1: Basic Applied Rules of Hydracore Gaming

1) Be respectful.

a) Members of the Hydracore Discord Server, whether directly involved in the Organization or just a casual player, fan, or supporter you are required to be respectful to all members.
b) Punishments may include: being removed from the Organization and/or discord depending on the severity of your infraction.
c) Members of Discord are required to be respectful to all individuals even if you do not stand for or believe in what they might.
d) This pertains to but is not limited to: race, sexual preferences, religion and political affiliations.

2) Sending/Linking any harmful material.

a) Sending/linking everything stated in the rules above. To include but not limited to: viruses, IP grabbers or harmful software.
b) Third Party applications or browser attachments are also prohibited from being linked or sent over/through any HydraCore Gaming text/voice chat.

3) Do not spam the discord, website, streams, social media platforms, or game servers.

4) Usage of excessive extreme inappropriate language is prohibited.

5) Mentioning @everyone, the administrators, or a specific person without proper reason is prohibited.

6) Act civil in Voice Chat.

7) Post content in the correct channels. Only @Looking For Group when looking for a group and only in the #looking-for-game channel when LFT.

8) Don’t post someone’s personal information unless authorization was given in written form.

9) Listen to what Staff says. Don’t tell the staff how to do their jobs. It’s an instant kick. If you have a suggestion that’s fine but don’t tell us how to run this server. Only warning.

10) Do not post graphic pictures of minors (<18yo). Even though we have NSFW – racism, child-related inappropriate photos and extremely edgy memes are unacceptable. This is to include all graphic and pornographic material.

11) If someone asks you to stop joking with them, stop joking with them immediately.

a) This rule counts as your only warning, further action is receiving a three-strike tag which limits use of our discord. If deemed necessary you may be removed from our discord without warning, but there will always be a proper reason.

12) If you rage quit during any match you will receive a warning. Any further infractions you will be put on suspension or possibly banned. When you rage quit in a ranked game, you are subjecting the rest of your team to a guaranteed loss, which is selfish and immature.

13) Drama and toxicity have no place in this organization.

a) If you require assistance from HydraCore Gaming Staff you are required to use the HydraCore Complaint Form, located in the Human Resources Department category under #hcg-links on the discord. This may also be found on our website at the very bottom of the site located on the
Support/Frequently Asked Questions page.

14) Win or lose, be humble about it. Identify weak and strong points, and grow from it.

15) No derogatory terms are allowed on any HydraCore Gaming platform.

a) This is including but is not limited to Racism, Sexism, Discrimination, and Hate speech.

16) No self-advertisements that mean twitch links, discord links (other than our partner bot). that being said YouTube Links are allowed only in #highlights.

a) Exceptions to this rule are if you have received Direct Message approval from one of HydraCore Gaming’s Corporate Officers.
b) If permission is granted ensure to put “Permission Granted by: [Name of Officer]” in your advertisement.
c) Failure to put the permission granted statement may lead to your advertisement being removed and the poster may be either kicked or banned.

Detailed Overview of Rules & Regulations
Section 2: Rules & Regulations for HCG Stream Team

1) As a member of the HydraCore Gaming Stream Team, you are required to utilize the Stream Overlay (which will be emailed to you) for any game you are streaming for HydraCore Gaming, HydraCore League, or HydraCorp.

a) If you are streaming on your personal channel utilizing your personal stream key, you are not required to use HydraCore Gaming Stream Team Overlay. If however, you are going to utilize the HydraCore Gaming Stream Overlay you will be required to follow Section 2: Rule 6.

2) You are required to follow both the Twitch Terms of Service, Facebook Terms of Service, and HydraCore Gaming Rules & Regulations at all times. Failure to abide by these regulations will result in immediate punitive action and possibly removal from the Stream Team.

3) As a member of the HydraCore Gaming Stream Team, you are to conduct yourself as if you are a Professional Gamer. As a Streamer, you are the “face” of this Org, and should set the standard for a positive gaming environment.

4) Racism, bigotry or homophobia is unacceptable and will result in immediate removal from the Stream Team. Consider this: if you wouldn’t say this in front of your Grandmother, don’t say it on the Stream.

5) Represent our sponsors and partners professionally. Plug the products we have from our sponsor and offer up the codes we have with our partners. This generates income for the org and allows us the ability to purchase necessary components for the org to run.

6) It is required that you place a donation button in your dashboard for HydraCore Gaming when utilizing the HCG stream overlay for your personal stream. We also understand Streaming may be a source of income for you, therefore 35% of the donations go straight to your pocket when the pay cap is reached. You will also be allowed to keep all income gained through subscriptions and bits in full.

a) Rule 6 is a Option (Opt) in rule, meaning you are opting into the HydraCore Gaming payout programing.

b) When streaming for HydraCore Gaming via the HydraCoreGamingTV or Yourself you will also be eligible to receive that 35% payout for the donations received for your scheduled time.

c) Payouts will be given at a quarterly time period if the payout cap has been reached for yourself. (Payout Cap is currently set to $100)

d) Rule 6 not required, to avoid this Rule you will not be allowed to utilize the HCG Stream Overlay when using your personal stream key/channel.

7) A Sponsor Banner with Sponsor/Partner Logos is required at all times. If needed, Staff can provide a tutorial on how to accomplish this.

8) At least four links from our sponsors/partners are required in your dashboard under the “Sponsor” header in the dashboard. These links and a tutorial will also be provided. If you would like dashboard overlays please contact Human Resources. Please allow them 24-48 hours turnaround time. These links help generate income for the org.

9) Do not stream content that you would not want our sponsors or your mothers/fathers to see. Use that with your best judgement.

a) Failure to use common sense to stream “appropriate” content may lead to the loss of your Stream Team position.

b) If removed from the Stream Team you are required to remove all stream team related material given to you.

c) Failure to remove HydraCore Gaming Stream Team related material may result in legal recourse, as the overlays are not covered under fair use law.

Detailed Overview of Rules & Regulation
Section 3: Rules & Regulations for Players/Members (Staff)

1) All players/members (staff) upon being accepted onto a team or into a department and receiving a team and/or staff role on the HydraCore Gaming Discord are considered a player and/or member of HydraCore Gaming.

a) Following acceptance onto a team, a player is required to fill out the New Member form. This form allows HydraCore Gaming’s website development team to further secure your membership by uploading select information onto the website as a player, granting said player their own “Players Page”.
b) Following acceptance into any department, a member is required to fill out a New Member form. This form allows HydraCore Gaming’s website development team to further secure your membership by uploading select information onto the website as a staff member, granting said member acknowledgement on HydraCore Gaming’s “About Us” section of the website.

2) Players/Members are at no point in time are allowed to “Double Org”.

a) Defining “Double Org” is when a current Player/Member of HydraCore Gaming is part of another eSports Organization as either a player or member, to include: clans, mil-sims, realism units, guilds, and communities.
b) Players/Members may play and hangout with/within any of the defined Organization as seen listed in “Section 3 Rule 2.B” as long as they are within acceptance of HydraCore Gaming Rules and Regulation.
c) Players/Members are prohibited from playing/hanging with Organizations as seen listed in “Section 3 Rule 2.B” that are known as hate groups/terrorist or represent hate groups/terrorist groups.
d) Exceptions to this rules can occur on a case by case bases when decided by on by the Corporate Officer.

3) Players/Members are required to use our discord for all things org/team related.

a) Staff Members, when conducting anything related to HydraCore Gaming are required to do so within HydraCore Gaming’s Discord. This includes but is not limited to: conducting interviews, holding/attending meetings/practices/scrims/matches, and working on HydraCore Gaming related projects.
b) Players, when conducting anything related to HydraCore Gaming are required to do so within HydraCore Gaming’s Discord. This includes but is not limited to: conducting practices, holding/attending meetings/practices/scrims/matches, holding tryouts for new members.
c) Exceptions are: if you are participating in a League/Tournament that requires you to be in their discord during the event when you are participating.

4) Players/Members are asked when you are playing a casual match, you attempt to include our community members, however this is not required.

5) Players/Members are required to partake in six “Org Nights” each year.

a) Exceptions to this rule are if there are less than six “Org Nights” a year.

6) Players/Members are required to keep the contents of their respective channels they have access to within the channel.

a) This includes but is not limited to: Discussions, Strat’s, Arguments, or anything told in confidence inside the respective channel.
b) Failure to do so will lead to severe consequences.
c) What happens in that channel, stays in that channel.

7) Players/Members are required to follow the Chain of Command when addressing things such as complaints, concerns, comments, and/or suggestions.

a) If a player/member does not know their Chain of Command (CoC), they may ask any staff/team member to find out.
b) In addition, our Org Chart can be found on our Discord/Website.

8) Players/Members are required to use the HydraCore Complaint Form when attempting to file any complaints. This form may also be used to file suggestions.

9)Players/Members are required to inform their respected supervisor (Team Captain/Department Senior) when they are going on or planning to go on vacation.

a) Failure to inform your respective supervisor (Team Captain/Department Senior) may be seen as if you had left HydraCore Gaming. In this instance you may be removed from your role and placed on probation until resolved by upper management.

10) Effective immediately, we will no longer allow team players to jump between teams. This is not only bad for team cohesion, but also for the org as a whole. We expect everyone representing HydraCore to handle their interpersonal differences as adults, and if those differences cannot be resolved, it will be your decision to either look past them or leave the team.

a) Upon leaving a team you are more than welcome to remain in the discord and play with whomever you want, however, you will only be granted permission to join another team from Upper Management.
b) If your respective team disbands and the current Captain relays no interest in rebuilding, then you are authorized to seek out a replacement team – as long as they have a spot for you on their roster. You are also authorized to present your ideas to Upper Management regarding another team for your respective game.