HydraCorp’s Gamers4Gamers Giveaway: Nathan

How often do gamers get blamed for being “lazy”, or “rude”, “disrespectful”, “selfish”?… Well HydraCorp was inspired by this little guy, Nathan! In one of the many gaming communities that HCG is a member of, we stumbled across a post from Nathan’s mom, Stephanie, who was over the moon with Nathan’s first Warzone win! For starters, that alone is truly an accomplishment, because even our CEO (who plays MW avidly) can’t score a win in that BR mode! Secondly, Stephanie mentioned in the post that Nathan was using some old headphones for a headset to play with his friends, so we decided to jump in and do something about that! Not out of charity, not for clout, but because something about what that post spoke to truly inspired us that we wanted to make a difference.

Our Mission Statement mentions how we pride ourselves on being an organization that anyone can seek refuge in, and that we constantly seek and aspire to set ourselves apart from other eSports organizations. Namely, several professional eSports organizations do give back to the community, but not many rising organizations do. We wanted to first, make Nathan’s year by hooking him up with a year of Xbox Gold, a limited edition Captain Price figurine, a custom tumbler, some HCG swag, a controller mount/charger, and some COD points to customize his setup for the next several wins he will nail in Warzone! Second, we wanted to inspire others to follow suit and give back to our community, specifically the generation behind us.

To be quite honest, the main thing that touched our hearts was how GENUINELY supportive Nathan’s mom is to his passion and dream of gaming…A large majority of us can attest to the fact that our parents, loved ones, spouses, girlfriends, or boyfriends never truly understood why we game, and how much it means to us. Gaming is an escape for most, a place to vent and navigate away from the stresses of everyday life, and to all of us it is where we find friends for life. The fact that Stephanie supports Nathan’s growth in gaming is frankly admirable, and something more parents should aspire to be for their little gamers.

When asked about Nathan, Stephanie tells us that he is a great big brother to his two sisters (which you can see his gentle demeanor when unboxing his loot with his little sis), how great of a son he is, and just an all-around phenomenal prodigy gamer.

In summary, we would like to thank Nathan for being an awesome little guy, and to game on and keep achieving everything he sets his sights on. To his mom, thank you so much for working with us to make even a little bit of a difference in Nathan’s life. Finally, to anyone reading this, remember why you game, and think of those modeling themselves after us. Set a positive example, move the target off of our backs, and secure the future of our generation. In this day and age, you can do nothing but get behind the technological advances that this world is being exposed to. In many facets, the world of digital technology is the future of…pretty much everything. Education, communication, leisure, escape…So it’s best to promote this growth the best way we know how, and that’s to squad up with those who need one, and to lift everyone up around you. Here’s to more victories, Nathan, and welcome to the HydraCore family!

Meraki Nikao,

HydraCorp Staff

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