League Rules & Regulations


The time is here for the first season of HydraCore League play on PC in North America. 30 teams divided into 3 divisions. Rules and Format are being tested and may change in the future in an effort to host a league with the fairest and most competitive format as possible. Your game admin will have the final say in interpretation/addition to these rules. Edits will be indicated with an increase in version number. While the admins look to the former Pro League or Future NA League Rules as inspiration and persuasive authority, those rules are not dispositive interpretations of HCL rules set.




1 The HydraCore League Code of Conduct


1.1 Code of Conduct


The following actions are taken very seriously and can impact your membership standing in the HCL community. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Discrimination, harassment, or bigotry 
  • Threats 
  • Derogatory behavior 
  • Sexually explicit content 
  • Unnecessary drama 
  • Posting or threatening to post someone’s personal information 
  • Cheating, hacking, or game tampering. 
  • Advocating for or encouraging any of the above listed. 
  • Adhere to all Discord, and game laws. 


1.2. Discord


  • Be respectful and act your age. 
  • While swearing is allowed, you should not use it aggressively against another player. 
  • Do not spam the chat.
  • Racial slurs, homosexual slurs, sexual slurs, and sexist remarks are forbidden.
  • No NSFW, or disturbing images. 
  • Do not advertise other discords in this discord. 
  • Do not advertise other leagues in this discord.


2 League Management


1 League Management Hierarchy goes as follows:
  • Chief Personnel Officer
  • HR Member
  • Game Admin

 If a member of the highest section is not online, look to the next-highest role.


2 Non-biased Administrators

Administrators/Management will not be on teams in any game so decisions regarding a game will have no bias. An Administrator affiliated with a playing team is regarded to have all Administration powers be NULL and VOID for any issue regarding that match. An Administrator is considered ”affiliated” with a team if they are a player, coach, owner, or otherwise involved in an organization such that their ability to remain unbiased when required to make a decision is under question.


3 Format


3.1 Match Style

Each team will play every team in their division twice. The top four (4) teams will be selected for playoffs in a single elimination bracket style. Seeding will be based off of total points in the standings.

3.1.1 Rocket League

Each match is best of three (Bo3) with overtime for playdays.  Playoffs will be best of three (Bo3) with overtime. The Grand Finals will be best of five (Bo5) with overtime.

3.1.2 Hearthstone

Each match is best of three (Bo3) with overtime for playdays.  Playoffs will be best of three (Bo3) with overtime. The Grand Finals will be best of five (Bo5) with overtime.


3.1.3 Rainbow Six Siege

Each Playday is best of one (Bo1) with no overtime. Playoffs will be best of three (Bo3) with overtime. The Grand Finals will be best of five (Bo5) with overtime.


3.2 Game Settings RL Game Settings
  • Game mode: Soccar
  • Arena: DFH Stadium Arena.
  • Team size: 3v3
  • Bot difficulty: No bots
  • Team settings: Leave as default
  • Mutator settings: Leave as default
  • Region: Must be set to US East Admin will give you the
• Lobby Name
• Lobby Password Siege Game Settings 
  • Time of the Day: Day 
  • HUD Settings: Pro League Siege General Game Settings 
  • Number of Bans: 4 
  • Ban Timer: 20 
  • Number of rounds: 12 
  • Attacker/Defender role swap: 6
  • Overtime Rounds: 3 
  • Overtime Score Difference: 1 
  • Overtime role change: 1 
  • Objective rotation parameter: 2 
  • Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played 
  • Attacker unique spawn: On 
  • Pick Phase Timer: 15 
  • 6TH Pick Phase: On 
  • 6TH Pick Phase Timer: 15 
  • Reveal Phase Timer: 5 
  • Damage handicap: 100 
  • Friendly fire damage: 100 
  • Injured: 20 
  • Sprint: On 
  • Lean: On 
  • Death replay: Off Bo3 and Bo5-Specific Settings 
  • Overtime Rounds: 3 
  • Overtime Score Difference: 2 
  • Overtime role change: 1 
  • Objective rotation parameter: 2 
  • Objective Type Rotation: Rounds Played


3.3 Siege Map Pool

Theme Park, Oregon, Clubhouse, Coastline, Consulate, Kafe, Villa


3.4 Siege Banned Operators

All operators are allowed except Ace and Melusi. Announcements will be made when these two operators are allowed in play. If a team member selects one of these prohibited operators, then they must use the team’s six pick, and if that does not occur the teammate needs to be team killed at the start of the round. If neither of these two options occur then the team in violation will take a one (1) round loss for each round in violation.


3.5 Siege Whitelisted Cosmetics

The following cosmetics are the ONLY ONES to be allowed to be used in HCL play. These are listed below 

  • Pilot Program 1 & 2 team skins 
  • Pro League Gold Sets 
  • Default Skins 
  • Future Phase 3 Esport Skins 
  • All weapon skins and charms 

The first report of a player not using a whitelisted skin (reported to a Non-Biased Administrator (2.1)) will result in loss of round. Any further operator skin infractions will result in automatic loss of game.

Punishments stated above may be avoided if the player suicides or is teamkilled at the start of the round. A team may use a rehost in order to change off of a banned cosmetic, but this uses their rehost. If a team does not choose to use their rehost to change a skin, that operator for that player is banned for the rest of the game, or until the skin is removed.


4 Rosters


4.1.1 Rocket League roster Size

Teams are required to have three (3) players on the roster at a minimum, but it is suggested that you have more than the minimum. Maximum roster size is six (6) players. If a scheduling conflict arises (that you cannot adjust for) it is your responsibility to fill a three (3) player roster from the roster you submitted.

In the event that a team does not have a full roster at game time, then a two (2) versus three (3) will be allowed. In the event that both teams cannot field a full roster at game time then a two (2) versus two (2) will not be allowed. A minimum of eight (4) players is required to play a game. Anything less than a two (2) versus three (3) will not be allowed


4.1.2 Hearthstone League Roster Size

Teams are required to have one (1) player on the roster at a minimum, but it is suggested that you have more than the minimum. Maximum roster size is three (3) players. If a scheduling conflict arises (that you cannot adjust for) it is your responsibility to fill a one (1) player roster from the roster you submitted.


4.1.3 Siege Roster Size

Teams are required to have five (5) players on the roster at a minimum, but it is suggested that you have more than the minimum. Maximum roster size is ten (10) players. If a scheduling conflict arises (that you cannot adjust for) it is your responsibility to fill a five (5) player roster from the roster you submitted.

In the event that a team does not have a full roster at game time, then a four (4) versus five (5) will be allowed. In the event that both teams cannot field a full roster at game time then a four (4) versus four (4) will be allowed. A minimum of eight (8) players is required to play a game. A three (3) or less versus five (5) will not be allowed.

4.2 Official Roster and Trade Deadline

Official deadline for roster changes is the start of playoffs at 8:00 PM EST. Rosters may be changed up to 3x during the course of playoffs, but may be only changed 3x. You may replace any amount of team members, and count it as one roster changes. All changes to your roster changes need to be submitted to #roster-changes

Coaches may play on a team if they are on that team’s roster.

A player may only play on one active roster at a time.

While HCL does not require teams to have available subs, it is recommended that you have subs available for your team on the roster.


4.4 Roster Locks Prior to Game Time

Rosters are locked forty-eight (48) hours before game time. Evidence of a player joining the team’s roster 48 hours before the match MUST be provided if an administrator has not been informed of the addition.

Failing to do so will result in a warning, with a second violation resulting in forfeit of the game.


4.5 Emergency Sub

You must message a Non-Biased Administrator requesting an emergency sub, giving a reason (provided by the player you’re subbing for) for said sub to said Administrator. Teams requiring an Emergency Sub are to also inform their opposing IGL when they notify a Non-Biased Administrator.

Emergency Subs are not required to have any amount of time on the HCL Discord prior to subbing for a team.

Emergency subs are exempted from the 48-hour rule, although any one (1) particular player can only be used one (1) time over the course of the given season. Otherwise the player must be added to a team’s roster.

A team may only bring in one (1) emergency sub per game, at Administration’s discretion.


5 Registration


5.1 Refunds After Registration

Refunds can be requested prior to the first game. After you have played a game, you lose your option for a refund.


5.2 The Spot

If players have a spot and leave an org, the team remains and continues to play. If an org has a spot, the org may choose to replace the current roster with a new roster.

5.3 Withdrawing from HCL

An IGL may withdraw their team from HCL for any reason by messaging an administrator of HCL requesting removal from the league.


6 Player Conduct


6.1 Player Names

The following are forbidden in player names. If the name: 

  • is protected by third-party rights and the user has no written permission 
  • resembles or if they are identical to a brand or trademark, no matter whether it has been registered or not 
  • resemble or if they are identical to a real person other than themselves 
  • use names of HCL administrators and staff (excepting those of the admin team who participate). 
  • are nonsense

In addition to the above, any nicknames/team names/aliases that are purely commercial (e.g. product names), defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, anti-Semitic, inciting hatred, or offending against good manners are forbidden. Using alternative spelling, gibberish or wrong spelling in order to avoid the requirements mentioned above is illegal.


6.2 Toxicity

To reinforce the Code of Conduct, toxicity will not be tolerated within HCL. This includes ”ez” and other words/acronyms that could be seen as toxic by another team. We are not outright banning toxicity in its entirety, necessarily.

Any reports of team toxicity will be taken seriously by the admins of HCL. Punishments will be issued after 1 warning.


7 Scheduling


7.1 Availability

Teams are required to have four (4) days of availability a week. No exceptions, whatsoever.


7.2 Weekly Play Time

Each team is required to play each week they are eligible to play (i.e. not knocked out). If a team cannot play that week and a reasonable solution cannot be agreed upon then the team with the scheduling issue will be required to forfeit (see section ”Forfeits” below for exceptions).


7.3 Delaying Game Time

It is very important that the games start on time. Scheduling has been set to allow a short gap between games. Games may be allowed to be delayed for fifteen (15) minutes after their scheduled start time, but both teams must be in their respective voice channels no later than five (5) minutes after the match is supposed to start. After the fifteen (15) minute delay, the game will start. If a team does not have a minimum number of players after the delay then the team will forfeit.

If a real-life issue prevents player(s) from playing in the game, on approval from both sides and the HCL administrators the game may be rescheduled. Teams must be aware that rescheduled games may not be casted.

Casting issues do not count against either team regardless of time waiting. This includes game invites/friend requests.


7.4 Siege Game Day and Map Bans


Mapban order for Bo3 matches is BAN, BAN, PICK, PICK, BAN, BAN, DECIDER.


7.5 Forfeits

Forfeits may be taken by teams under circumstances where they are unable to field 4 players due to any reason. The primary priority of HCL is to make sure the games are firstly played when teams are at their best, and secondly that games are played.

You may forfeit a game due to a family emergency or other outside matter outside of your control by messaging a HCL administrator, pending the administrator’s approval. If you are able to reschedule your game for up to three (3) days after your originally scheduled game, it will not be counted as a forfeit. This policy does not apply if the forfeit is forced due to disobeying the rules.

Your players are expected to be available during scheduled game times. Refusal to play a game if you have 4 or more members of your roster online at the scheduled game time (excepting for reasons outlined above) will result in your team’s IMMEDIATE banning from HCL, with no refund provided.


8 In-Game


8.1 Siege Non-Casted Games/Hosting Rights

In the event a game is not cast by HCL, members of each team playing may cast their game. A delay of minimum 180 seconds is recommended for streams not casted by HCL. On the event there is no caster for the game about to be played, the IGL/a chosen player from the highest-seed team (orange team in mapban) is the host of the match.


8.2 Siege and Rocket League Ping

Player pings must not go over 120 ms. If a player’s ping is consistently over 120 ms, then a rehost is required. If the issue persists, a replacement player must be found or the match must be played as a 4v5.


8.3 Siege Rehosts

A team may request a rehost if a player disconnects – but must be done before a player is killed. Teams are allowed 1 (one) rehost per Bo1. The game must be continued within 10 minutes of a rehost. Teams may not use a rehost to change players present in the game (like you cannot switch out Player A for Player B using a rehost), but are allowed to use their rehost for a player to remove a banned skin or other cosmetic from an operator and allow a player to reconnect to the game.


8.4 Protests

A team may raise a protest with an administrator if a situation that is not covered in the rulebook arises. Teams must ping an Administrator not on a playing team in order to start the protest process. Teams have the option of leaving the game – doing so does not count as a forfeit. If needed a protested game can be rescheduled if the game does not continue due to the protest.


8.5 Game/Round Invalidation

Game settings must be as posted in the Match Style section at all times. Any rounds in which game settings are not correct (rotation parameter, etc) are not counted. Match settings must be fixed at the earliest point in time that an issue is known. A game played to conclusion with invalid match settings is automatically invalid.


8.6 Siege Spawn Peeking and Spawnkilling

Team members may not kill spawning attackers for 2 seconds during round start. Doing so will result in loss of round, if spawn killing behavior continues the team doing so will forfeit the match. Spawn Peeking is not explicitly banned, but is highly discouraged.


8.7 Party Chat

Teams are allowed to have five (5) team members in a party chat while playing in their season matches. Teams are required to use the voice channels provided by the HCL discord. No coaches are allowed in the voice channel. Rule 4.4 provides an exception to this rule.


8.8 Bo3 (and Bo5) Specific Rules

Teams may request a ten (10) minute break in between maps in a Bo3 or Bo5 match. This does not count as using the team’s rehost(s). Teams may request their break by DM-ing either caster casting the game or an administrator prior to the map’s end. Teams are required to stay in HCL Discord server chats, but coaches are allowed in voice chat during these breaks. Coaches will be force-disconnected by an administrator when the game starts up again. Teams may switch out players during a Bo3 or Bo5 match, but only between maps. The provision regarding rehosts (8.3) still applies.


9 Cheating

Cheating in any form or fashion is strictly forbidden. If you cheat, you understand that you and your team will be subject to disqualification and possible permanent ban from all HCL events, with no refund provided.


9.1 Siege MOSS

MOSS (which can be found at https://nohope.eu/) is REQUIRED for ALL players on ALL HCL League games. If your team does not submit MOSS files for a match, any protest that would require your team’s MOSS files (accusations of cheating, macros) automatically results in a forfeit. MOSS files must be submitted in the way required by HCL Administration within a day of the match. IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT MOSS FILES YOU MAY PROTEST A MATCH, BUT THE ORIGINAL RESULT STANDS.

If your team is found to be abusing the MOSS submission requirement (protesting too many matches that do not lead to administrator action against a player/team), you may be disqualified from HCL. Teams who do not have their players use MOSS will be disqualified. No refund will be provided in the event of a disqualification.

  • Exploitation of glitches 
  • Dossing, ping abusing, stressing 
  • Stream sniping 
  • Collusion 
  • Match rigging


10 The Stream and Streaming Rules


10.1 Teams and the Stream

Team members are to not join the stream. If a team member who is playing the current game is seen in the stream and does not leave within 10 minutes of the game starting, the team whose members are in the stream will take an IMMEDIATE loss of match. This rule is suspended once the game is over (ie: Members of a team can watch the interview if they want to).

Hosts and cocasters may not be affiliated with the teams playing. No exception.


10.2 Casting Rules
  1. All games must be casted with enthusiasm. You must check your biases at the door, and if you can’t drop your favor towards a certain team you should avoid casting them period.
  2. There MUST be a 180 second delay. No exceptions will be made.
  3. Strong foul language and racial slurs on stream is always prohibited to an utmost extent. Our casting goal is to always be professional and respectful while casting. If you can’t control your language, maybe casting isn’t the right position for you.
  4. If you are the first to spot any toxic behavior, make sure to alert the admins.
  5. If you can, have your cohost monitor chat, answer questions, and engage with the community.
  6. Talking down on teams blatantly should be avoided. Criticism of a team’s strategy is fine, but insult for the sake of insult or a mistaken play should be avoided.
  • Inappropriate Example: Wow ok… I guess this team is just not even trying? They legit look like a bunch of copper ranked players. I’ve never seen a dumber play. 
  • Appropriate Example: That mistake was very costly for Team XYZ, if they had avoided that the round could have gone totally differently, and they’re really going to regret that.
  1. Monotone casting should be avoided at all times. Good casting involves a variety of dynamics, intonation, inflection, and timing. Strong casting helps to make our streams entertaining and keeps the viewers engaged.