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Chief Marketing Officer

Co-Captain of Team Industria

What he likes most about HydraCore Gaming:

“It’s the sense of family that really makes this organization stand out from the rest. We believe and support one another. From the very start, I felt like I was asked my input and was deeply respected because of the experience I could bring to the Org. I have truly found my online family! What’s better? Even if you aren’t  a competitive gamer, you are welcome to assist us in many other ways! Team Industria has an “Analyst” who is truly valued! Ask one of the Staff for more information on how you can help us grow!”


Chief Operations Officer

What he likes most about HydraCore Gaming:

“A professional family. Three simple words to describe something that I believe with all my heart  – we will be hosting the finest eSports teams and will become a renown eSports Organization. To those who join our family as either a team member, a staff member, or a fan and those that are already in those positions I continue to say: Thank you and welcome to a family that will continue to beat the odds.”



Chief Human Resources Officer

What he likes most about HydraCore Gaming:

“When I tried out for HydraCore, I came in thinking, “Well, hopefully this team thinks I’m good enough.” After closer review, I didn’t mind if I made the team because I could tell they were doing something special and cool. All I wanted to do was become a part of the org whether it was being on a team or becoming staff. Never would I have thought of making it to Chief HR Officer, but I’m glad they gave me this spot and that I have been granted the opportunity to help this organization strive. They don’t just make you feel like a coworker – they make you feel like family. I couldn’t be happier working alongside everyone on staff and my teammates on team Industria. Most of all I love being apart of this family at HydraCore.”

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