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As we all know, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a constantly evolving first-person shooter. Rainbow Six: Siege offers new content about every three months, and with this new content brings a new way to play the game. It is no question why Ubisoft must balance the game repeatedly.

After hearing that the Russian optics are going to be removed from the game, it initially caused weariness and uncertainty, especially for veteran Siege players. One could say that a majority of long-term players found a wealth of enjoyment out of the attachments. However, the more that you begin to ponder the more you will begin to realize exactly why Ubisoft is going to remove the Russian optics from any of the weapons that had access to them. The main reason being operator pick rates.

It is no doubt that the original Spetsnaz operators currently have a lower pick rate than most. While most of this can be contributed to the utility that they bring to the table not being very useful in the current meta, you can also argue that players do not want to use these operators because of the weapons, and more importantly their optic selections. Consistency is extremely important in Rainbow Six Siege, and not being able to use the same one, or two sights for every operator in Rainbow Six Siege is just simply put, annoying. It makes complete sense that Ubisoft plans to remove the Russian optics, allowing players to have a consistent experience while aimed down sights for almost every operator.

Consistency is key, and it is refreshing to see Ubisoft noticing this and making the move away from Russian optics. Ubisoft is notorious for making initial imprudent update decisions, angering a large majority of its loyal fan base, but this one may seem promising and could potentially yield positive results. Hopefully we will see more moves like this from Ubisoft in the near future, as its fan-base is quickly growing tired of poor judgement calls on Ubisoft’s behalf. We love you Ubi, stay on this path, be the Ubi we all know and love.

Meraki Nikao,

Brennan Lloyd

Marketing Staff Associate

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