Siege: Y5S1

As HydraCore Gaming advances with the creators of Rainbow into its 5th year, we embrace two new operators and other notable changes. On Attack we get “Iana”, who fancies herself as a viable Support Operator. Not only does she come with actual drones, she can “drone” out Defenders (especially those holding hard angles and those pesky roamers) with her special ability the “Gemini Replicator”. This device replicates her on the battlefield but cannot be deployed while crouched or prone. Also, she is not able to soft breach, fire any weapons or utilize any secondary gadget. This device is rechargeable and has a longer cooldown if destroyed by Defenders. A few members of our Staff have voiced their dislike for her throwables, believing this makes her border-line op. For the Defenders, they are given “Oryx” – and his special ability is his “Remah Dash”, enabling him to breach through soft walls like the “Kool-Aid Man”. Caution should be exercised by the end user – this does cause him -10 HP each time he “kool-aids” through a wall – so, if you’re low on health, this can actually cause you to down yourself. This ability also enables him to counter shields and make rotates but may not see much use in the comp scene. He also has the ability to leap through broken hatches, and peek around if needed.

Y5S1 also gives us a complete rework of the map “Oregon”. Unlike the previous meta, which has almost become “old hat” by now, we now have three different methods to approach the basement objective. Also notable, there is a hatch above Garage in Vault for those who choose to breach there first. Rear Stage/Tower has been removed and moved to Kitchen/Meeting. With this new season, Theme Park has officially been invited to Pro League, along with invites extended to Wamai and Kali.

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