The Famed Stigma: Gamers Have No Lives

How many times have you been told that you have no life just because you’re passionate about gaming? From your friends, family, significant others? All too often we are told that gaming isn’t productive, that it’s a waste of time and that there is no future in it. Contrary to this belief, the eSports industry alone is valued at almost 200 BILLION (with a “B”) dollars and a net increase of almost 14 billion (again with a “B”) per year. That isn’t including streamer income, YouTubers, analysts, coaches…the whole nine. This outvalues industries that have been in business one-hundred times the length that eSports and gaming has been relevant in popular culture in today’s society. The industry of eSports has been predicted to overtake ESPN and many popular “traditional” sports casters in the next decade, and the funny part is it is primarily this demographic that is so anti-gaming. Although, realistically, we as gamers can more times than not be the most humble, honest, friendly, and best friends that anyone can find. Now, sometimes this isn’t the case, and gamers typically have a solid resolve and dry sense of humor, but you have to be a gamer to get it.

Nonetheless, we as gamers who set our minds to something, much like HydraCore Gaming becoming one of the top-ranked eSports organizations in the industry, will eventually make that goal or something we never would have dreamed of. Everyone who started in eSports and now have millions of dollars in net worth, or even those making a comfortable living off of doing what they love, all started with the same humble mindset; that they wouldn’t make it. With that being said, those few that maintained the resolve, resiliency and pride in who they are became some of the best gamers today. So, what do you take from this? Don’t listen to the naysayers, stick to your niche, and dive headfirst into this. Because one day, it could be you holding up that trophy on a world-renown eSports stage, or boasting that partnership with Twitch, or becoming a proud owner of your own organization.

Whatever your goal is in this community, just know that we ALL stand behind you in our pursuit of greatness, regardless of what the stigma states. We define our own future. Game on.

Meraki Nikao,

HCG Staff

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